About.me (unofficial)

About Me is an interesting web service that gives you the ability to create amazing web pages about you. About.me (unofficial) is, obviously, an unofficial About Me client app for our Windows Phone 8 devices.

About Me can help you build an online presence, create a personal home page, create a central point of contact for your work or when you're seeking work, and much more. About.me (unofficial) pulls most of the About Me service to your Windows Phone.

The About.me (unofficial), and yes that is the app's title, has pages spotlighting other About Me pages as well as pages focusing on Featured and Inspirational About Me pages.

About.me (unofficial)

You also have the ability to access your About Me profile, add favorite pages, search for About Me members, and map out About Me members who are near you. You can view your biography, services and notifications as well.

I'm not too familiar with the About Me service but the About.me (unofficial) app isn't a bad client app for what appears to be a rather handy online service. There are a few bugs to the app that creates an authentication error that can get a little annoying and a more fluid app name wouldn't hurt but otherwise, About.me (unofficial) is a nice starting point.  

About.me (unofficial) is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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