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Ever since Windows Phone 8.1 came we’ve been busy making our Start backgrounds look perfect. We’ve looked at various apps and given you some tips on how to pick the killer image for a Start background. However, sometimes simplicity wins out. Which is why we’re sure many of you would be fans of a new app called Accent Builder.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Accent Builder. The app allows you to create images that will make your Live tiles pop. Instead of creating a solid background, Accent Builder allows you to control the individual colors of the columns. You’re given the ability to control the colors on up to 6 columns when you pay for the app. The free version lets you choose up to two colors.

It’s a really nice app and we love the color picker. You can go around the color wheel and get the color you want. Or you can dial in the RGB values and get the specific color you’re after. 

Accent Builder

Accent Builder comes to us from Windows Phone Central community member Nik Rolls. You might be quite familiar with him in both the comments on the front page and the forums. Show some support and give the app a download. Have any feedback? Sound off below or reach out to him on Twitter (@NikRolls).

Accent Builder is free, but an in-app purchase of $0.99 gives you the ability to select colors for up to 6 columns.

Download Accent Builder from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

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