India game developer Stoic Studio won acclaim for their first game, the Viking-themed tactical role-playing game The Banner Saga, on the PC. Mac and iOS platforms. Now the game is finally coming to consoles as Stoic will release it for the Xbox One on January 12.

John Watson, the co-founder and Technical Director at Stoic, offered up some infomation on how the team adapted The Banner Saga for the Xbox One:

"We've been hard at work on bringing the game to consoles for a while now, but the process did take some time and presented some unique challenges. We had to ensure that the experience of The Banner Saga remained the same when you were playing at home on a couch with a gamepad in hand, so we spent a lot of time redesigning parts of the user experience to work better on the Xbox and with an Xbox One Controller in hand. We're all very happy with the way the Xbox One version of The Banner Saga plays while still delivering that great emotional journey for players."

The game itself has the player controlling a Viking caravan who has to fight the savage enemy race known as the Dredge. It uses a 2D art style that looks like an animated cartoon, but one made more for adults. Stoic is working on the sequel, The Banner Saga 2, and has confirmed that it will also be released for the Xbox One. In fact, Watson says that people who get The Banner Saga for the console will already be prepared for the sequel:

"Be sure to keep your saved games from The Banner Saga as you'll be able to import your saved data and continue your exact caravan, character, and story choices straight into The Banner Saga 2."

Source: Xbox Wire

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