We’re not sure where Nokia is headed with this one but there is now a second Accuweather app in the Windows Phone Store, but this latest one is for Nokia Lumias only.

Now before every non-Nokia owner out there throws a fit, there is no difference between this version and the open one for all Windows Phone users. In fact, it’s slightly older being at version 2.1 whereas the common app is at version 2.2. This is similar to the Nokia SoundTracker app, where as far as we know there are no differences either.

So why does Nokia have a special version (that’s not really that special)? We can think of two possible reasons: this app may be now available in more regions where Nokia sells Lumias or, at some point Nokia will update this app to have more features like Nokia's app with augmented reality.

At this point though for most of our users, you’ll want to stay on your current version of the app as this one doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Whether or not it does in the future remains to be seen and we’ll keep you posted.

For those who do want to check it out, you can grab it using this link from the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Sanil T., for the link!

QR: Accuweather Nokia