We already saw the Acer DX900 Glofiish rebrand, but what we were really hoping for from these guys was something new. They're somewhat delivering with the F900 and the M900. The F900 (that's it on the left there) is your non-keyboarded device and the M600 is a standard horizontal slider. Specs look pretty darn beefy, though:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Tri-Band 3G, Quad-band Edge
  • GPS, WiFi
  • G-Sensor, FM Radio, Light Sensor
  • Samsung S3C 6410 Processor
  • 256 ROM / 128 RAM
  • 480 x 800 WVGA Touchscreen

In addition to all that, the F900 gives you a 3MP camera. The M900 steps it up with a 5MP camera and a fingerprint reader. We were hoping that Acer would make a splash at MWC09 and except for RAM and ROM being a little low, these 900 series devices initially look like cannonballs to us. Will they hold up to a hands-on? Find out after the break.

OK, here's the thing. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, pretty much has to compare themselves to HTC these days. And the hardware is decent. HTC-worthy? Not just yet. But it really isn't just to judge the fit and finish on these demo units, so we'll hold out hope that things will tighten up a some.

Acer has felt compelled to create a custom home screen, in this case a virtually colorless photo of a desktop you can swipe around on to find things like your Rolodex, calendar, telephone, photos, etc. The only thing missing was the zombie corpse of Microsoft's Bob trying to break though the Window and offer your help before disemboweling you with his jerry-rigged Clippy knife.

Um, yeah. So anyway, more pics:

Acer F900

Acer M900