Ace Jade Primo

A few weeks ago, Acer announced the Jade Primo smartphone at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The smartphone will run on Windows 10 Mobile and will work with that operating system's Continuum feature so that owners can use it much like a PC. Today, during their Windows 10 devices press event, Acer revealed that the Jade Primo will ship with a wireless mouse and keyboard, along with a dock, in order to allow owners to use it as a Windows 10 PC immediately

The presenter even joked during the media event that Acer have even thought about including a monitor with the Jade Primo as well, but that will likely make it very costly indeed. As it now stands, the Jade Primo will likely have a medium-to-high price point when it is released. Acer has not yet given a specific release date yet for the smartphone other than sometime in 2016, nor has it offered any information on pricing or availability. Microsoft announced last week that its upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL would also support Continuum features via an optional Display Dock for $99.

Source: Acer (YouTube)