Acer wants people to know that its upcoming Liquid Jade Primo smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile is meant for getting stuff done. A new promo video shows that the smartphone is supposed to be the latest example of a work PC getting smaller and smaller.

The video begins with showing the old tape-based PCs that were the size of a wardrobe, and how those evolved into the smaller desktop PC, the laptop and now the touchscreen tablet. With the Acer Liquid Jade Primo's ability to connect to a keyboard, mouse and monitor, it can also be used for anything that a PC can do, thanks in part to Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum feature.

During this week's Mobile World Congress trade show, we got to see the special Acer Liquid Jade Primo bundle, which includes the smartphone, keyboard, mouse, a monitor and its Continuum dock. It will be priced at around €800.

Source: Acer (YouTube)