I've been running NRG's cooked Leo ROM for a few weeks now and while I like the features and appearance of HTC's Manila/Sense 2.5 I really miss having the Missed Call notification on the Home Tab. If you're in the same boat, XDA Developer Member netdrg may have the solution.

Netdrg has worked up a plug-in for Manila versions 2.5.1921.XXX that will not only add the Missed Call notification but will also increases the quick links on the Home Tab from 9 to 16. The plug-in also applies any wallpaper changes to all your tabs, not just the Home Tab.

In reading the comments over at XDA there may be some compatibility issues with the more recent version of Manila, version 2.5.1922.  Just keep in mind that this is home cooking and it may not sit well with some phones.  If you're interested in giving it a try,  you can find the cab file here.

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