AdDuplex is a solid promotion network for Windows and Windows Phone developers. The company has today unveiled new monetization options for developers who wish to earn some revenue from their work. Branded as AdDuplex Direct, the new service opens up a world of purchasing and selling advertising.

It's worth pointing out that AdDuplex isn't a middle man and will not be handling sales for developers. The new service will act as a platform and marketplace for such deals to take place. This enables developers to search and close advertising deals without having to pour hours of time into finding a solid deal through other means.

How does it all work? AdDuplex Direct allows developers to add a listing for their apps and games in the catalogue. Advertisers will then be able to browse the collection of apps and games, selecting listings they're interested in forming a deal with.

Once both parties have agreed on the advertising campaign, AdDuplex handles the catalog, ad serving and money handling. We should note that the application process will only open to Windows Phone developers running the AdDuplex SDK version 2. Windows 8 support is coming at a later date. 

For now, AdDuplex will invite a handful of developers before opening up the new service for developers to apply.

AdDuplex Direct

According to the FAQ, AdDuplex Direct will be launching in Q2, 2014. While listings are free, the company will take 18 percent commission to cover costs. Head on over to the blog post to read through the full article for more details. It's a neat concept and one we expect developers will get excited about.

Source: AdDuplex