AdDuplex Giftcards

The festive holidays are kicking off, and to celebrate Windows Phone (and Windows 8) advertising network AdDuplex has unveiled a number of coupons (or gift cards) that can be redeemed for impressions. It's the most relevant and useful present for any developer to receive, especially if they already make use of the network for their app(s).

So what coupons are available for purchase?

  • $15 coupon - $20 and 5,000 run of network impressions (volume discounts on this coupon)
  • $50 coupon - $60 and 20,000 impressions
  • $100 coupon - $200 and 100,000 impressions

Should you know of a developer and do not know what gift to purchase, be sure to give some thought to their projects and work that could make use of the impressions bundled on the AdDuplex giftcards. Click each coupon above to view what's included, etc. on the AdDuplex website.

Source: AdDuplex