Good news for all of you heroes out there who have endured the “1” staring at you from your Marketplace Tile: you can now finally hit that update button for Adobe Reader.

In the ongoing Windows Phone Store oddities of late, Adobe Reader came under scrutiny as many users were upgraded to version 10.1, followed by a second update that seemed to be a bug fix and then a third update.

Good news!

That third update though brought the app down to version 9.0 and it was extremely frustrating for many users. Adobe Reader had not had an update in nearly 2 years and 10.1 was a breath of fresh air in the app, fixing or adding many new features. To have it yanked from people’s devices in such a way was not fun at all.

We have reached out to Microsoft about these Store hiccups but so far have not heard back.

You can pick up Adobe 10.1 here in the Store. Thanks, Saburi, Matthew and Joe for the tip!

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