The Aeries Twitter client for Windows Phone beta channel has just received a substantial update in terms of bug fixing, pushing the app up to version 1.2.5. Included in this pre-release are a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to help provide a more stable experience.

It's worth noting that this is not quite ready for the public and is only available for those on the beta program. Here's the full log of changes for version 1.2.5:

  • Fix for crash when scrolling in a message conversation.
  • Images will now snap back to portrait when rotated.
  • Fixes for clearing cache not deleting some files.
  • Big data usage and performance saving related to how user images are handled.
  • Resolved account issues when using Aeries on multiple devices.
  • Fix potential crash when refreshing mentions with a large amount of results
  • Fix for potential crash when inserting suggestion in compose page when no text has been typed.
  • Fix for crash when typing some malformed urls in the in app browser.
  • Fix for in app browser sometimes not submitting queries.
  • In app browser now will try to detect if you have typed a search query.
  • Fix for potential crash when trying to add a new account with poor signal.
  • Back button handling fixes.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Fix for some malformed urls throwing errors when tapped on in DMs.
  • Fix potential crash when adding new user accounts.
  • Improved read position restoration.
  • If in app browser is enabled long hold an a link for the option to open in IE.
  • Fix for potential crash when switching accounts collides with background refreshing.
  • Fix for potential crash when processing urls in a tweet

Interested in trying out the Aeries Twitter app on your Windows Phone? Grab the live version (currently on 1.2.4) below:

Download Aeries for Twitter ($4.49)

QR: Aeries Twitter

Thanks, Abhishek G., for the tip!