Prolific publisher Game Troopers has launched a brand new game for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, AfterLoop. A colorful new puzzle game, AfterLoop sees you following PR8, a utility robot that's been stuck in a loop for over 50 years. Your job is to navigate the wide variety of environments and puzzles in order to help PR8 save its siblings.

AfterLoop's key features include:

  • Beautiful hand-crafted visuals and a lovely universe
  • Huge amount of content and a lot of challenging puzzles to keep you entertained for hours.
  • PR8's emotions will guide the player to make the right moves and decisions
  • Participative gameplay, non-violent and aimed towards all audiences

You can grab AfterLoop from the Windows Store for both PC and Mobile right now.

Download AfterLoop from the Windows Store ($4.99)

QR: afterloop