Last week we told you about HTC releasing a ROM update for the AT&T Fuze and before the ink on the website could dry, the update was mysteriously replaced with a server error.  Rumors for the link going dead ranged from there was a problem with the S/N entry field to the update contained too much Windows Mobile 6.5 to simple driver errors.

We checked in on the URL just a minute ago and the update is live again.  The download instructions are all laid out by HTC and the features of the update haven't changed from our first report.  You're still required to enter a valid serial number and HTC is using the same link for the 146mb update file.

Just in case you've misplaced it, you can get the Fuze ROM update here.

Update: Yeah, it's down again. Sorry, folks. We were able to snag the update earlier today.

Updated Update: Two minutes ago, the site was back up.  It may be a result of heavy traffic, HTC having technical problems or a sinister webmaster teasing us.  If you get the "Oh No! 404" error, try back later and the update should be available. 

As mentioned, we were able to get the update before the site disappeared and have installed the updated ROM.  So far, not much different than the Test ROM that leaked earlier this year.