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Microsoft's free-to-play mobile strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege has been updated again for Windows platforms to version 1.14. While the last update added the creation of Wonders for Alliances, this new version is mainly for fixing a number of bugs.

Here's what's been fixed in the new 1.14 version:

  • Fixed a bug with Edward the Black Prince freezing in the game
  • Fixed a bug with hero spawning and usability.
  • Fixed a bug with troops freezing during battle.
  • Improved reconnect logic to reduce connection errors.
  • Fixed a bug where troops would stop moving when drawing a path towards the squad army bar used for deployment on touch screens. Troops will now move smoothly.
  • Fixed a bug where touch screen occasionally does not zoom.
  • Fixed a bug with stylus input that could cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed a an occasional crash when closing the Wonder power information.
  • Fixed a crash when user cancels out of purchasing the starter pack.
  • Fixed a bug where bonus offers did not appear properly under certain situations.
  • Fixed UI bugs for smoother gameplay.
  • Added additional notifications to game features.
  • Various bug fixes to increase stability.

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age of empires castle siege

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