IADIA64 for Windows Phone

If you really want to see a lot more information about your Windows Phone device, you might want to check out AIDA64 in the Windows Phone Store. The app promises to offer owners of those smartphones more diagnostic data compared to what can be seen in Settings.

AIDA64 comes from the developer FinalWire, which has offered diagnostic, benchmarking and hardware monitoring applications for PCs since 1995. Here's what users can expect when they check out AIDA64:

  • CPU detection
  • Screen dimensions, pixel density and camera information
  • Battery level monitoring
  • WiFi and cellular network information
  • Windows OS properties
  • SoC and device model identification
  • Memory size and storage utilization
  • Direct3D GPU details
  • Sensor polling

The app does require an Internet connection, and the smartphone must also have support for removable storage and a webcam. On the latter point, the app description says, "AIDA64 requires this permission to show camera information like picture resolution. AIDA64 does not take any photos or videos."

Download AIDA64 from the Windows Phone Store (Free)