Elbert Perez over at Occassional Gamer is at it again. He's released yet another fast paced, challenging, free game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Air Dagger joins his portfolio of popular Windows Phone games such as Traffic Cop, Impossible Shoota, and Armored Drive.

Air Dagger is an air combat game that has you flying for one of three corporations. When you first begin the game you've got to pledge allegiance to either the Rinko Group, Black Air Tech or the AeroSpek Union. This is your team as you work your way through the different missions or levels.

Flight controls are simple in that you tilt your phone to steer the plane left, right, forward or backwards. Tapping the screen will fire your main guns and tapping a enemy plane will launch missiles. You do have upgrades (40 in all) that can be purchased before and after missions to help you tackle your enemies.

The game screen has your coins, level and lives displayed at the top of the screen and your energy meter along the left side (the green bar). An airplane icon will move along this meter to display your progress with that particular level.

As you blast your way through the level, you can collect gold coins that are hovering in air which are then used to purchase weapons and system upgrades.  Your scores are tallied into the respective corporation and reflected on an online leaderboard. Your personal scores are also compiled to an online leaderboard.

In tinkering with Air Dagger for just a short time, we found it to be a great addition to Perez's gaming line up and your Windows Phone gaming library. Air Dagger is fast paced, challenging, and just plain fun to play. Air Dagger is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.