Alaska Airlines Windows Phone

Windows Phone has heaps of official apps for airlines around the globe, but more can be done. We’ve got apps for Delta, American Airlines, United, Lufthansa, and more recently AirAsia. Now it looks like Alaska Airlines will be joining the mix relatively soon. Details after the break.

Alaska Airlines is a fairly popular airline for folks on the West Coast of the United States. Its main hub is Seattle, which also happens to be the home of Windows Phone. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco you’ve probably booked a flight with the airline at some point.

So what’s the deal with their app for Windows Phone? We don’t have solid info like information on signing up for a beta or screenshots to share today. Instead, we’ve got a tweet from the Alaska Airlines Twitter account directed to @benthepcguy and @alaskanjackson teases that it’s on its way and they will have “more to come in early 2014”.

Alaska Airlines Windows Phone

Does more to come mean the app will launch in early 2014 or something about a beta? No clue, but we’ll reach out to Alaska Airlines and see if we can get more info out of them.

Besides our friend @alaskanjackson, how many of you guys and gals are looking forward to an official app for Alaska Airlines?  

Source: Twitter