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Just a fan render

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Update - As noted in comments, this was actually a well done fan render based off of the leaked Nokia bezel from yesterday. Someone then tipped off WPMU, trying to pass it off as real. While the 'photo' is fake, there is a good chance that whatever Nokia releases, it may look very similar to this.

A somewhat credible looking image of a new Nokia Windows Phone 8 device, allegedly called the ‘820’, has appeared online and is reported to be headed towards AT&T.

The device’s bezel looks similar to what we saw yesterday in the leaked images from a Nokia sub-contractor with the Nokia image to the right and the front-facing camera just off to the left of the earpiece.

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A flat-display estimated to be 4” or larger is also shown with no curved glass, much to the disappointment of some users. The device also has the updated Windows Phone 8 flag, ensuring that this device is for the new OS.

Besides the screen difference, a top-port for USB charging is also evident in addition to the obvious red color and thinner, flatter profile of the device. The phone is expected to have a 720-screen resolution, SD card expansion and a dual-core processor.

Source: Deviant Art; via WMPU