Windows Phone 8 poster template?

Even though the Lumia 900 is barely out the door it doesn't mean we can't start the rumor mongering and passing of faked images for Windows Phone 8, does it? Phone Arena were sent the above image described as a "non final poster template" that allegedly came out of Nokia's headquarters.

The poster reveals a "Windows Phone 8" name, a designation that has not been officially given for the updated OS, expected in late 2012. Nicknamed 'Apollo', little is known about the successor to the current Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' although an earlier leak from a video was purported to divulge some details including dual-core support, higher display resolutions and removable SD cards.

Same design?

Besides the neon-glow of those three Nokia phones, which vaguely looks like Nokia's newly granted design-patent, we get the Nokia slogan of "Breaking the limits since 1865" which as pointed out in comments, references Nokia's origins  as a "ground wood pulp paper mill in Tampere, Finland". Odd, yet we kind of like it -- how many tech companies can claim that much of a legacy?

Then again, this could easily be spoofed as that "Windows Phone 8" font may be a little off and there's no redesigned Windows 8 logo present, which we would expect. Plus lets be honest, there's just really nothing in this image that's too informative.

It's fun to wonder but for now, we're going to remain skeptical.

Source: Phone Arena