Ever since the Nokia EOS aka their expected 41MP Windows Phone started having its own picture leaked all over the internet in the last few weeks, a second, less understood rumor had surfaced in conjunction: there are actually two versions of the device.

Personally, Windows Phone Central has no knowledge of a second version of an EOS-line of the Lumia 9xx series, though much like the Lumia 925 with its aluminum body to counter the polycarbonate 920, we suppose a metal-version of the upcoming EOS (or ‘Elvis’ if on AT&T) is hardly out of the question.

EOS Lens cap

Now, images of this purported device have surfaced from IC Tech on Weibo, hailing out of Asia. It’s more than clear to us that this is a metal (most likely aluminum) Nokia EOS prototype, as only the shell is revealed. What is not clear is the intention by Nokia—was this one of presumably numerous experimental designs they were kicking around? Or will there be a metal counterpart to the polycarbonate version that we know is close to release?

It’s too early to tell and we’re hoping Nokia sheds some light on the matter in July. All we do know is the folks in Finland sure seem to be having fun playing around with designs of our next-gen Windows Phone.

Source: ictech; Via:CNBeta.com; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!