In a case of good news/bad news, we’ll start with how Amazon Wireless today is offering the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 in matte black for just $0.01.  That penny deal is only as good as the contract you sign though, so you’ll need to enlist for 2 years as a new customer to get that offer—but that’s still a darn fine one...

If you're just upgrading/renewing, you can grab the deal for $20. Not as good as a penny offer but not too shabby either.

Now the bad news: due to “overwhelming demand”, it looks like you won’t be able to get this phone shipped to you for at least one to two weeks—maybe even more. Even worse, as we noted you only get the matte black color option. In fact as far as we can tell, Amazon Wireless have scrubbed the four other colors (white, yellow, red and cyan) from their site, as you can no longer order those. From what we’ve been told, stock for those colors is extremely low so matte black it is.

But hey, if you won’t mind waiting a few weeks and you’re into the absence of color, then head over to Amazon Wireless to claim yours (and before they stop offering that one too).

Source: Amazon; Thanks, riffraffy and Chad, for the tip!

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