Xbox One Elite Controller

People who tried to pre-order the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller on Amazon UK at a highly discounted price last week are now being sent emails stating those orders have now been cancelled. Apparently, the discount was not real after all.

Amazon UK did offer the upcoming high-end Xbox One gaming controller from Microsoft at a price of just £75.72, well below its regular £119.99 cost. However, the retailer has now sent emails to those folks who pre-ordered the controller at that price telling them that "the price was displayed incorrectly" and that their orders have been cancelled.

The Xbox One Elite Controller, which has a number of customizable hardware and software features, will begin shipping in the UK and US in early October.

Pre-order Xbox One Elite Controller from Amazon UK (£119.99)

Pre-order Xbox One Elite Controller from Amazon US ($149.99)

Source: Mark H Brown (Twitter)

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