Radeon Pro Duo

Out at GDC, AMD has been throwing a little shindig where one of the big discussion points is VR. But what about a new graphics card to power that VR experience? Say, a dual-GPU monster that'll set you back a cool $1,500.

Say hello to the AMD Radeon Pro Duo.

With two Fiji chips inside, the Radeon Pro Duo boasts 4GB of HBM RAM per GPU. And, like previous efforts such as the equally mad R9 295X2, temperature control is handled by a closed-loop liquid cooling system.

And then there's the power. Three 8-pin connectors, with a worst case power draw in excess of 500W. So it's thirsty. It'll also subject you to any crossfire related gaming issues you may otherwise come across using two single GPU cards. Money can't buy everything.

The card is being tied into AMDs VR push, and in this case it's being billed as "the most powerful platform for VR." Or at least, until we see something from NVIDIA that may have something to say about that. But AMD is also not necessarily expecting this to be much of a consumer product, as its also launching this as the first product in its new "VR creator" line.

If you do want one, though, dig deep. It'll be available sometime during Q2 of this year. So, anyone biting?

via PC Gamer