AMD impressed with its the release of its dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo based on its Fiji architecture around a year ago, and now it's back with an updated card and updated architecture. The refreshed Radeon Pro Duo now sports two GPUs based on the Polaris architecture, and comes in at a cheaper price with somewhat relaxed power requirements.

AMD's latest Radeon Pro Duo packs two Polaris GPUs in one card

Designed to take on professional workloads like VR content creations, the Radeon Pro Duo packs in around 11.45 teraflops of power, AMD says. That's the result of a combination that results in a total of 4,608 stream processors (2 x 2,304), 256 texture units (2 x 128) and 32GB of RAM (2 x 16GB). That processing power comes in slightly lower than the Pro Duo's Fiji-based predecessor, but the new card is also more power efficient, requiring typical board power of 250W compared to the prior version's 350W requirement.

For professional workloads and multitasking between graphics-heavy applications, the Radeon Pro Duo represents a solid choice at $999 (compared to $1,499 for its predecessor). AMD is claiming up to 2 times faster performance in select professional applications over the single-GPU Radeon Pro WX 7100, which currently goes for just over $600 at several retailers.

As for availability, AMD expects the latest Radeon Pro Duo to go on sale at the end of May.