Fandango is admittedly a very useful service for U.S. movie goers. By allowing people to purchase tickets from their home, via a PC and more recently, through their phones, it saves people time and frustration from shows being sold out. Tickets are rendered as QR codes on their smartphone for quick scanning at theaters, and movie goers feel like they’re in the year 2013.

The Windows Phone app has been around since day one, coming out in late 2010 with the release of Microsoft’s new mobile platform. Fandango even boasted about how easy it was to make their Windows Phone 7 app. Since then, it has had a minuscule four updates in three years.

If that sounds like a neglected app, you would be correct.

While Fandango thought they could pay little to no attention to their Windows Phone app, their lack of responsibility has caught up with them. Recently, the Windows Phone app has become highly unstable and unreliable, resulting in a few dozen (if not hundreds) one-star ratings in the Store.

Our bet? Many companies like making an app, but they all hate maintaining it.

Evidently Microsoft (or Fandango) could not take it anymore as the app has now been delisted. There’s no word if Fandango will re-work the app to make it viable again or, like the knuckleheads at Uber, just give up.

Although you can’t buy tickets through it, Flixster (Store link) has embraced Windows and Windows Phone, offering a much better movie theater app. Users are encouraged to use that app until Fandango returns.

Thanks, Milo A., for the tip