It's all over tonight, folks, say goodnight to the little MVNO that almost could. Some interesting tidbits:

  • Here's a PDF of what they're auctioning off as part of their bankruptcy hearings (via Wired). Fun bits: More office equipment and computers than you can shake a stick at, a heapin' helpin' of intellectual property (mostly that neat content they created plus trademarks), and a popcorn machine.
  • Surprisingly, it doesn't look like current Amp'd customers will be moved to Verizon, but to Prexar Mobile. Who? what? where? ...basically all of the standard questions apply here. I guess the best place to get started is their webpage: They're promising a "seamless transition," anyhow.
  • Ousted CEO Peter Adderton gave an interview, where he was actually nice to "Pay us now" Verizon and also said that it wasn't so much that his customers were poor deadbeats but that they just weren't getting billed in the first place (oops):
In 17 weeks, we got 100K subscribers, and little problems in billing and collections suddenly became bigger problems. It wasn’t just customers with bad credit, but it was customers with high credit who just weren’t being billed at all. [...] I think Verizon Wireless got a bad rap out of this for no reason. Verizon did a lot to help us through the hard times. I do believe Verizon got the bad end of the stick on this.

Read: Audio Interview: Peter Adderton, Former CEO, Amp’d Mobile

Embedded below: one of my favorite Amp'd commercials. Not embedded below - this absolutely Not-Safe-For-Work-but-hilarious-nevertheless commercial. Their whole "Try Not To Die, Amp'd Mobile is Coming" is looking a little bittersweet these days.