Update 2: Yeesh. The Q and A now says July 31st. But customer service supposedly is done for. So if you are an amp'd customer, go find a bill with your account number and then get your current mobile # ported asap. How long until we start titling these posts "amp'd zombiewatch" instead of "deathwatch?"

Update: The Consumerist says "Port your number" to another carrier right now. We agree. Here's their helpful how-to.

So Amp'd is selling off assets, perhaps to help with that bankruptcy. And while that might unsettle subscribers, here's the real excitement - It might shut down ENTIRELY tomorrow. That's per a Q and A on Amp'd's site:

Is Amp'd going out of business?
Amp'd is potentially suspending US operations on July 24th.

How long will customer service be provided to help with issues such as ports or credits?
Customer Service will not be available after July 23rd.

Will Amp'd be bought by another carrier?
Amp'd is currently in discussions with several parties.

When I decide on my new wireless service provider - can I take my phone?
Yes, if your service provider of choice uses CDMA.

Read: Amp'd Mobile | Questions And Answers via engadget mobile

Engadget mobile also points out that Best Buy is dropping Amp'd like a bad habit. If you're a subscriber to Amp'd, my condolences. It's looking like a firesale to Verizon is your best hope right now. Actually, your best hope is to take that little CDMA device you have there and see if you can talk Sprint or Verizon into activating it on their network directly.

Previous Deathwatch articles: Amp'd Declares Bankruptcy, CEO Peter Adderton Ousted, and Brief Stay of Execution. Turns out that stay was very brief.