Amzer 4-port USB Car Charger

Taking care of business in the vehicle is Amzer's 4-port USB car charger that features a 50W/10A output for all your favorite devices. This charger measures 4-inches in length, curving all 4 ports upwards so no matter where you plug in, your USB cables are easy to manage. The ABS plastic shell is completely glossy, which doesn't do much for fingerprints and smudges, but most of us aren't out to show off how clean our car chargers are.

Each USB port provides a maximum output of 2.4A and features low heat, temperature and short-circuit protection for your device's safety. It also packs "Smart Identification" which automatically recognizes how much juice each device can take, even if it's under the maximum 2.4A. When plugged in, there's an LED in the center that glows blue as long as your car's battery is on. There isn't a change of color while charging or when completely charged, but that's certainly no deal-breaker.


  • 2.4A output to each port
  • Built-in device protection
  • Smart identification


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • A bit bulky

Our take

For anyone that carpools or has a busy traveling lifestyle, this Amzer 4-port USB car charger is a must-have for keeping all your gadgets charged up on the road. It's a tad on the bulky side for a car charger, but it's packing 4 ports and feels solid as a whole — which we'd say is an valid excuse. You can nab this straight from our Windows Central Shop for $14.95 if you'd like to add it to your vehicle.

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