To say the third annual Smartphone Round Robin was a blast would be a gross understatement. We got to see the best and brightest of the major smartphone platforms, and wee what our friends and colleagues thought of Windows Mobile.

But let's get to the really important stuff. In addition to 30 one-on-one videos and 30 platform reviews were the hundreds and hundreds of forum comments you left for your favorite SPE editors. And with each post you were entered to win a Windows phone of your choice.

And so without further ado, it's time to name that winner. But first let's recap all the major platforms: There's Windows Mobile, of course, and the iPhone. And then there's Android and webOS, and of course, BlackBerry. Nokia was the new addition to the group this year and certainly gave us all a run for our money.

Now before we get to who actually won a free Windows phone, let's talk about what the Round Robin's really about: You guys and your comments, forum posts, e-mails and ...

OK, OK. Kidding. And the winner is ... (after the break, of course):


Congrats, sir. We'll be in touch shortly with details on how you can claim your prize. Thanks again, everybody, for making the Round Robin as great as it is.