Well, look at this little surprise.  Looks like PPCGeeks forum user drellisdee managed to get Android 2.01 to boot up on his Verizon Imagio (see full review) using the HaRET linux bootloader.

While porting Android to our WinMo phones is not that new, nor still far from perfect (most are plagued with hardware integration issues), progress is still creeping along.

We'll just let Drellisdee summarize: 

I've gotten android 2.01 to boot on Imagio based on the topaz work on xda. After changing the the startup config's I've got the touchscreen responding properly but the hardware keys arent mapped right. The latest kernel noted in post 602 on xda didnt boot but the original pkg did. PS vol down is for vol and backup key as its mapped currently and the bottom right onscreen button on the press the android to start will let you change the lang to english.

Of course now comes the areas that "still need work," which are numerous:
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Hardware key mapping
  • CDMA radio
  • GPS

Baby steps, baby steps.  Hopefully within a few months we'll all be dual booting the latest Android doughnut-thingamajigger on our WinMo devices.  Why? The same reason WinMo users always innovate: because we can!

PS  Here's the TP2 bounty thread with their bootable version, still in early stages.