We are proud to announce a new effort to help promote Windows Phone apps as well as their creators, the WPCentral Developer Program. This new service will include a way for many of those apps to receive front page promotion on our site.

Our community manager, James Falconer, first posted word on this new program a few days ago in our forums, but we thought it would be a good idea to give this effort some more attention. Basically, any Windows or Windows Phone developer can sign up for the WPCentral Developer Program. All they have to do is post a message in our forum describing why they should be admitted. While we are certainly looking for experienced WIndows and Windows Phone developers to join, we are also admitting those folks who have yet to publish an app in the Windows Store, but are looking for help in developing their future apps!

Developers who are admitted into the program will gain access to a special developer user-title along with a way to read and post in our private 'developers only' forum where they can discuss their work with other app creators. The biggest benefit is a chance to have your apps featured on our main page. If your app does get posted on the site, we will also send you some cool WPCentral swag as a reward.

We hope the new WPCentral Developer Program will serve as a catalyst for the entire Windows and Windows Phone app ecosystem and we can't wait to see what those developers will bring to the table!

Join up today and be a part of the largest Windows and Windows Phone community on the web!

More information: WPCentral Developer Program forum