There are few things we've learned lately about our readers: One, they love shooting concert clips with the Nokia Lumia 920 and Two, they love Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Frankly, we don't blame you for either...the 920 is amazing for video and Trans, well they rock the house.

Such is the case from this video tipped to us by the mysterious 'Q'. We happen to like this video a lot because of the aforementioned band but also because it's shot well--no jumping, no unnecessary shaking. Once again, the Lumia 920 does a fantastic job capturing the wide dynamics of the lights and sound (although you can see the image sensor freak out a few times with the ultra-blue lights).

Make sure you watch it on 1080P if you can and make it full screen to really appreciate it.

The amazing sound quality, as we previously reported, is most likely due to the 'High Amplitude Audio Capture' (or HAAC for short) microphone array on the device. That's not to say that the HTC 8X can't do a fine job on video but we think here, the 920 does edge it out with the OIS and HAAC microphones. 

Regardless of the technology onboard, we're just impressed. It's crazy to think that in 2012 we can do such things with our phones, especially when you consider where we were just 3 years ago.

And as a bonus video, our forums guru Dave Blake posted this video of his trip though the Bosque del Apache. Sure, we could have done without the wind-noise but shooting right into a setting sun and still getting nice color saturation? That's just awesome.