Flipkart.com is one of the leading online retailers in India, and offers a broad selection of products across diverse categories.

The company launched their official app for Windows Phone in April this year, and the app has already received a couple of updates since then, adding new features and fixing bugs along the way. The last update was v1.2.0.0, and I've learnt that another update has already been submitted to the Store, and is waiting for certification.

From what I know, the upcoming update would bring an in-app notification center for Flipkart notifications. The screenshot on the right shows a notifications icon on the top-right corner, which is a new addition.


Much of the work though has gone into bringing the Flipkart experience outside the app, like the Start screen of your Windows Phone device. The Start screen tile finally becomes Live Tile and will carry the notifications from that in-app notifications center.

You'd be able to pin individual products to the Start screen, and the pinned tile would give you the latest price and availability of that particular product. There would also be toast notifications for availability updates like in-stock or out-of-stock.

The quick update cycle is impressive, and the app is improving user experience with each version. Hang in there, as we expect the latest update to come through in a couple of days or so. Like always, we'd bring you more details when that happens.

Thanks, Talha Naqvi, for the tip!