So we're taking another look at the leaked Sprint roadmap and trying to shake off the shock of the Sprint Treo Pro actually being launched, and a couple of things stand out. And not necessarily in good ways.

As several of you have noted in the comments, the spec sheets are interesting. Let's take a look at the Rhodium, aka the HTC Touch Pro 2.

First off, the Rhodium spec sheet says it will launch in the fourth quarter, which goes against the schedule slide we saw. (Speaking of that schedule, none of the phones listed is lined up very well on the grid. Let the conspiracy theories begin.) The operating system is listed as Windows 7.x. Again, interesting, because we're pretty darn sure that Windows Mobile 7 won't see the light of day until 2010 (if we're lucky).

Finally, and this holds true for the Ace II, which also is on the roadmap, we see listed under "network" EVDO Rev. A (Sprint's native CDMA network) and HSDPA, which falls under the GSM standard. So there's a chance the Touch Pro 2 and Ace II could be world phones. But when we say "world phone," we mean able to run on GSM networks outside the United States. Don't expect to be able to use this Sprint version on AT&T.

So, after taking this with a few grains of salt, what's it all mean? We'll see some new phones on Sprint sometime this year. Probably.