Microsoft's latest TV commercial campaign is promoting Office 365 inside a fictional "office space". The second ad in this series made its debut on the Office YouTube channel today and shows the office workers once again having way too much fun.

You may remember the first ad showed the workers transfering files on a USB drive hanging on a remote mini-helicopter before being told that using Office 365 was a much more efficient way to do the same thing. The second ad shows those same employees taking things to the other extreme. sharing files and collaborating on Office 365 on difference devices, but while also driving inside the office on Segways.

Again, this looks like a lot of fun, but "fun" doesn't translate with the boss of these characters, who gives the an icy stare before they decide to go outside with their Segways. Somehow, we thinks this won't be the last we see of these humorous ads. What is your opinion on this Office 365 promotional campaign?

Source: Office on YouTube