surface mini

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley is now pouring cold water over a rumor this morning by "evleaks" who said the Surface mini tablet would come out this summer. Foley stated her sources have indicated the tablet won't be out until sometime in 2015.

While "evleaks" claimed this morning the tablet is now back in full production, Foley, who has a solid and reliable track record when it comes to Microsoft insider news, says that the touch-first Office apps that are currently in development for Windows 8.x are not yet ready and likely won't be until spring 2015. She hints that time frame is the earliest Microsoft would consider launching a smaller seven or eight-inch Surface tablet.

As we have reported before, Microsoft did indeed have plans to launch the Surface mini alongside the larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3 in May, but the company decided to cancel the launch at the last minute. The Surface mini was still mentioned in the user manual for the Surface Pro 3.

Is the Surface mini tablet still something that Microsoft needs to release, even without the touch-first Office apps?

Source: ZDNet