Well, file this under "speculation" or course but we thinks the info is quite accurate although admittedly not earth shattering.

Treofficial in our forums informs us he had a meeting with some Palm sales people recently where he was able to actually handle the Verizon Treo 800w (see our past coverage). So far, he can confirm that it does indeed have

  • Wifi
  • EvDO Rev. A
  • Threaded SMS (w00t!)

In addition we learn that the Today Screen is pretty much unchanged (bad Palm) but they have added a new "search email" function which mirrors the search contact feature on the today screen e.g. you type a few letters and that filters through your presumably long collection of email messages, narrowing down the one you are trying to find (which at least confirms that the 800w runs Windows Mobile 6.0).

Of course, we are still not sure if the threaded SMS is the Palm version or the side effect of just having WM 6.1, which is an OS that would not be unexpected on this device.

Hopefully Treofficial will pop back in and continue to answer some questions so follow along in our thread!