Lumia OIS

We get it, you get it, and everyone gets it, the camera on the Lumia 920 kicks ass. Whether devouring photons in low-light situations or reproducing great audio in videos, the 920 can handle it all with aplomb.

So here is another one of those videos showing off a killer feature unique to Nokia and their PureView technology, specifically the optical image stabilization. The video puts a Lumia 920 and a competitor on a hexacopter at the Nokia Lumia 920 launch event in India.

The video below shows off what appears from those in attendance to be a Samsung Galaxy SIII up against the Lumia 920. Both devices were attached to the copter and were recording a video of the audience at the same time, then the video results were put up on stage side-by-side for the audience to see the difference in video quality and how the OIS handled being on a bumpy ride. The results speak for themselves.

Videos like this are fun to see the great imaging tech we have available on the Windows Phone platform. You’ll also remember the interviews we had the other day at CES with Juha Alakarhu and Chris Weber – both reitereated the same message that the combination of Windows Phone and Nokia’s imaging tech was only getting started and this year will only get even better. To say they were both extremely excited about the future would be an understatement.

We can only imagine the combination of camera technology in the 41 megapixel monster 808 PureView and optical image stabilization of the Lumia 920. That duo isn’t improbable and hopefully our imagination will become reality at Mobile World Congress.

Source: The Handheld Blog YouTube