It was not long after the reveal of the special edition white Xbox One units for employees, before they began to show up on eBay for large sums of money. The announcement of the console was made in August of 2013 and the following months brought in cash for those employees willing to part with their systems. Recently there has not been any listing for the Xbox One treasure, until today – an Xbox One special white edition unit has shown up on eBay yet again.

The system, currently being sold by “UntitledGuitar16”, is listed in “New other” condition and includes all of the original white system accessories including the white controller. As all other units did, the front of this one states, “I MADE THIS” and “LAUNCH TEAM 2013”. In addition, just to spice up the deal, a second Xbox One black controller is included.

The listing is in the form of a “Buy It Now” for $2,699.95 USD. Those considering buying the unit can also make a “Best Offer”, but so far, the seventeen people who have done so have been denied. The seller is only shipping to the lower 48 states within the United States and is offering free standard shipping, which for that price – we would hope it would be priority shipping.

Okay Xbox One lovers, get out your wallets and head over to the eBay listing by clicking here.

Source: eBay; via WinBeta