On a day when many are filled with equal parts joy and dismay on the iPhone side of life, let's not forget something important:

In terms of # of devices sold, Windows Mobile's growth over the last three months exceeded the total number of iPhones sold. Of course, that number was pretty seriously deflated by a lack of availability in the last month or so, but still: last quarter Microsoft shipped 4.5 million WM licenses -- up 1.8 million year over year to the iPhone's 1.7 million. That's some healthy worldwide marketshare right there.

That was Andy Lees point during his keynote at last week's partner conference. Lees also threw the gauntlet down when it comes to Enterprise App Development:

Nokia has -- and actually Apple, both have basic support for business productivity, Apple with their new update where they just provide very basic connectivity into Exchange, not as rich as you would get on Windows Mobile. But as far as the programming models that they provide, they really aren't robust enough for application development outside of the browser, and so for you to be able to provide application platform business solutions, certainly we provide a much richer way of doing that.

Lees also sat down for an interview with the::unwired and talked up similar points, though he did make a special note to discuss the consumer market and how Windows Mobile is going to address it better in the future.

So hit both articles up if you're tired of hearing iPhone users complain about having inactive phones, a nice antidote to today's media blitz.

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