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While we're expecting Windows Phone 8 to be available later this year, Israeli technology website Techit has reported that Nokia are planning to release "Apollo" smartphones before 2012 is up, and the next major update for Windows Phone is slated for a June rollout. The website is citing a Nokia representative, who is also quoted to have mentioned full Hebrew support in the next version of Microsoft's mobile operating system.

As well as the release of Nokia hardware, and the support for Hebrew, the Nokia rep also reaffirmed June as the month for Windows Phone 8, but we should take these quotes with a grain of salt. The burning question on consumer minds is whether or not their current hardware will be upgradable to the next version of the OS. Unfortunately, we're still unable to confirm either way, but we expect concrete information to be released soon enough.

Samsung has also been reported to be looking at "Apollo" to release a number of devices to tackle Nokia, and even Acer has been thrown into the light with the rumours of the manufacturer working on a Windows Phone 8 QWERTY slider. We expect to hear more details unwrap as time goes on, especially with upcoming June Windows Phone Developer Summit and Nokia World 2012, which we will certainly be covering.

What do you guys think? June too soon for Apollo?

Edit: A more likely and conservative reading of the source would suggest June is ripe for the beta and SDK but not a proper, formal release of the entire OS. That still looks likely for late fall.

Source: Techit.co.il (Bing translate)