Future Factory

Future Factory is a new Windows Phone action adventure game that has you dealing with a factory filled with crazy robots. The Windows Phone game is filled with enemies to fight, dangerous traps to avoid and plenty of weapons to upgrade and buy.

Future Factory is an AppCampus alumnus and in just tinkering with the game for a short time, it makes a very nice first impression and to celebrate the game's release the developers are offering it free for a limited time.

The story line with Future Factory has you surviving a plane crash only to find yourself entering a mysterious factory filled with robots and machines that are fully prepared to deconstruct you into painfully small parts. You will have a host of weapons, gadgets and grenades to survive the onslaught.

Future Factory reminds me of Dredd vs. Zombies, just with angry machines and robots instead of Zombies. For that matter, if you liked Dredd vs. Zombies, I think you will like this game as well.

The initial launch of Future Factory is a soft launch in the Windows Phone Store and currently, the game does not support low-memory devices. In talking with the developer, low-memory support is in the works along with additional gaming features that should be available with the game's first update.

Future Factory is currently a free gaming title in the Windows Phone Store but only for a limited time. We aren't sure what a limited time is but if you are looking for a challenging, fun arcade shooter, you need to take advantage of the free offer.

Download Future Factory for Windows Phone (Free)

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