What's the biggest complaint about the current Marketplace? Okay, besides the occasional crashing issue, the next big complaint would be that when you search for something, anything, results come up for apps and music, with no ability to filter it down. In turn, it makes finding an app quite difficult.

Step in XDA developer ebadger to rescue us (until Microsoft gets around to refining the store) with AppFinder. The app is simple enough and free: you launch it, type in what you are looking for and it dynamically shows you the results. It's even smart in that if you type in "reader" it doesn't have to be the first word, but will find all apps with the word "reader" in the title. Oh yeah, and it only searches apps.

You do need to know exactly what you want to find for it to work, but you can also browse around easy enough to discover new apps along the way. Plus we hear ebadger is going to be adding some features, so it can only get better from here.  In short, we're throwing AppFinder on our "must have" app list as it's a huge help for our Marketplace woes. Grab it here on your phone or the Zune desktop.