Looking for a game for your Windows Phone that's challenging, entertaining and unique? Check out Apple Bin from Escape Development.

The goal is to toss an apple into the bin in the fewest throws possible. Much like the paper toss games but as you progress through the levels, the game throws obstacles in your way to hinder your shots.

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Game Layout

Generally speaking, the game layout has a waste basket or bin placed in various locations with a portal, which is also placed in various locations, where your apples are thrown from.

You have cross hairs that can be moved by touch to help you aim your throw and when your ready to throw, just tap the screen.

To the top of the screen you'll find an ad banner, your score (the number of apples thrown), best score for that level, a pause button and reset/retry button.

There are fifty levels to the Apple Bin and as you progress, you'll need to knock down walls, boxes and other obstacles to get a clear shot at the bin. You even have bouncy walls that act as trampolines to bounce your apple into the bin. Each level is unique enough to keep you interested. The game not only calls for a well placed throw but also timing comes into play with some levels.

Overall Impression

The only major downside to Apple Bin is that there is only fifty levels. Fortunately, each level is re-playable so you can try to best your previous score. Hopefully, the developer will bring more levels into play with the next update.

Apple Bin is an entertaining, addictive game that ran smoothly. Every now and again, the game would slow down but not frequently enough to ruin the game. I also wouldn't mind seeing a dotted line added to show the trajectory of your last shot.

Apple Bin is a free, ad supported game and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.