Abu Dhabi

They say copying is the best form of flattery, but we're not ones to mess around with petty arguments about who copied who when it comes to smartphones. That said, we will sometimes dive into the pool of humor to rock around and troll slightly.

Today, we're looking at Apple hosting an event on the same day as Nokia. Coincidence?

So what will this event cover? According to our brothers and sisters over on iMore, we'll be looking at iPad and Mac announcements. This is for the date of October 22nd, the same day of Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, which we're attending ourselves. The new iPad 5 is set to be unveiled, as well as a possible Retina iPad mini. 

Nokia is set to unveil a batch of devices, including the Lumia 1520 and a Windows 8 RT tablet. It'll be interesting to see which company can attract the most attention. You have the well established Apple versus the super popular Nokia brand, which is essentially hosting a farewell party before being absorbed by Microsoft.

We'll be on the floor at both events, so remain tuned to our feeds for all the Windows goodness. If you're into Apple, head on over to iMore for more coverage there.

The good news? The events, even though they are on the same day, are so spread around the world that they will be nearly half a day apart--so no worry about any overlap.

Source: iMore