If you're interested in developing a Windows Phone App, there's a terrific online source that will allow you to build Windows Phone 7 apps using a point and click solution. We've mentioned AppMakr before and the online app building resource is gaining popularity with developers of all levels.

AppMakr will offer developers a Windows Phone Mashup Application template where you can create apps that will pull from one or more RSS/Atom based feeds. You have generic artwork or you can create your own to personalize your app.

Just checking out the comments on various Microsoft's MSDN developer blogs, Susan Todd posts,

"AppMakr is really quite easy to use. It is fast, with the most time taken on finding the content to include, making the feeds (if necessary) and doing the artwork."

Joe Healy adds,

"I think AppMakr is viable for crunch-n-munch type RSS applications. Experiment with it. Certain application styles will work well with appmakr."

Other MSDN blogs offer similar positive comments on the online development resource as well as tutorials. Personally, I've tinkered with AppMakr enough to agree that it is a very good resource for app development.  AppMakr was recommended at a recent App Garage workshop as a great starting point for those interested in getting involved with app development.

You can find out all the details over at AppMakr's website.  If you've had any experiences working with AppMakr or tips to share on building apps with AppMakr, feel free to share them in the comments.