is a service offered to developers on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android that helps monetise and distribute applications cross-platform style. Developers are able to use analytics to track users, create catchy and professionally appealing landing pages and promote their app with greater efficiency.

We've now caught wind that the team behind, Mixed Media Labs, has plans to include Windows Phone, BlackBerry and HTML5 (web apps) to increase the reach and scalability of the service. In an interview with VultureBeat Dalton Caldwell, CEO of Mixed Media Labs, had the following to say:

"A lot of the larger shops have apps on multiple platforms, and there are small developers that are experimenting with WP7. Now that we have the core platform built, adding new platforms is straightforward for us to do. The larger vision of these new features is that we are getting to the point where we want a developer to be able to link to [the URL of an application on] and will show the best version of their app for the device the user is on. The less end-users have to deal with the platform complexity and compatibility issues, and figuring out whether to use mobile website vs. app, the better."

Head on over to to check out featured apps and/or submit your own. Pricing starts at no cost at all, but the standard subscription for three apps across multiple platforms is $12/mo. Unfortunately, webOS will not be added along with the three mentioned platforms.

See the image after the break for an example of a OneNote WP7 landing page.

Source:, via: VentureBeat