We normally don't do these types of stories, but it's Monday and it's always fun to cover things that are coming soon.

Over at DesignCrowd, a job listing site where companies can request logo or other product designs from would-be graphic designers, a new Marketplace search app looks to be coming forth real soon. The job paid $200 for the best icon/tile design for the app, which is not small change when you're a developer, leading us to believe this is more of a development house with some cash.

The app, which will be called either AppTastic or AppAddict, looks to enhance and expand upon the current Marketplace options:

"The application provides the ability to quickly find applications in the Marketplace (AppStore) as well as have a high degree of filtering (a unique feature) which can then be saved as a favorite."

We like the idea of search favorites, making it easier to find new apps of a new category. We've covered some Marketplace enhancers before like Marketplace Search (with Live Tile), AppTracker and probably the king, the WP7Applist App,  so this is hardly a new concept, but hopefully AppTastic will bring some unique and polished offerings upon its release, which should be this week. It at least looks clean pretty.

Source: DesignCrowd; Thanks, Jeff B., for the tip!