In an interview with, French electronics manufacturer Archos plans on throwing their hat into the Windows Phone ring. Though no specific timeline was given, Loic Poirier, the CEO of Archos stated: “We will launch a Windows Phone handset when the time is right.”

Known for their Android phones and media players, we’re more accustomed to seeing Archos over on our sister site, Android Central. But with the growing global success of Nokia’s economy phones, like the Lumia 520, 620 and 720 series, it’s easy to see why they may turn to Windows Phone as well.

Windows Phone has seen a sharp rise in sales in emerging markets, especially in India and China, which has led other budget phone makers like ZTE, Alactel and Huawei to try their hands with it as well.

It’s unclear just what the “right time” would be to put out a Windows Phone device, but with version 8.1 on the horizon, it’s a good bet that it will be well after its release.

Although it is always an encouraging sign when another manufacturer decides to hop on the Windows Phone bandwagon, there’s plenty of reason to temper expectations. Firstly, given Archos’ track record of devices, it’s unlikely that we will see a device that is truly exciting come in the form of a budget Archos device.

Secondly, Poirier made it clear that Archos will continue to make Android their priority, adding, “Before anything else we are focused on Google.”

Regardless, we say that when it comes to Windows Phone manufacturers, the more, the merrier.

Source: TrustedReviews